Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Welsh Dragon Vrs Dragon Slayer- Flex Magazine (October)

Today i arrived home from a hour of cadio to a box waiting for me in the mail, Shina having signed for the box knew what it was and so did i.
We get boxes/ parcels sent here regularly but this time the return address was Weider, this is rare thing to our home.
"Baby what is it" she said.
As i opened the box up, i seen the New cover (No Photo) for the Flex Magazine, it literally jumped out the box into my hands, let me say its freaking awesome great job Chris (Art Director)
Rich and i done this photoshoot back in February, I had a 2month lay off after the Olympia and had been in the gym just 6 weeks prior to this shoot, in all honesty i nearly pulled out, but now seeing the photos and how they come out. I'm happy i didn't!
We shot with "Mr Hardcore" Kevin Horton in a real fly on the wall workout, all weights seen, reps, sets are Genuine even from the quotes which is cool to see and read.

As you can see in the pics i posted, everywhere we go we have a blast Rich is a very driven person, but hes also one the boys, hes more than my boss but my on-road training partner, mentor, business adviser and big brother.

Check out the NEW October Issue- out now!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Battle Scars......... Every year- everytime!

Graphic Photos
Around 5-4 weeks out of every show since the age of 19, i start getting these bad boys blistors- they are my war scars and show my homage to the sport of Bodybuilding, they show my hours and hours of pounding cadio, in the rain in the sun, and back in wales sometime snow, it was ironicaly the weekened of The Europa Super Show, the show i won this time last year where i noticed just how bad they had got the last few weeks, to be honest i didnt really pay attention to pain as in
bodybuilding you tend to ignore the small little aches and pains, and in this is the case with these. it was my show room mate Gaspari's own Joe Vogley VP at Gaspari Nutrition that said to me "what the heck are they" that we took a photo for the you guys on this blog.
As you can see i just got in from a hrs worth of crazy cadio and was still soaking wet.

Well heres the pics just for you..... i hope your all eating at this point! lol

Monday, August 10, 2009

Neil Hill (Yoda) and 5wks out from Atlantic City Pro

Today i took some pics and sent them over to Yoda (Neil Hill) he called me up from his hotel room in Tampa- where he has two guys in this weekends Tampa Pro show and said "mate, your fucking bang on, your ahead for the Olympia and bang on for the Atlantic city"
To me that so much piece of mind.

Neil is a nutritionist who has stood on the Pro stage unlike others and practiced what he has preaches. Check out his conditioning and Posing routine from the British Grand.

Ive been with Neil since i was 19 and believe me when i say hes as straight as they come never mincing his words. If you look like shit believe me you will hear it, if you look good you know it, and if you look great well lets just say he goes nuts...
Those who work with him will know what I'm talking about. He as passionate as they come. I owe alot of my success to him, he more than my nutritionist hes also a life coach, big brother and a lot of times physologist! lol

Again the saying the proof is in the pudding, (with himself leading that way as seen in the youtube video) and why, one of many- many reasons why he keeps on turning out champion after champion.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

8 weeks out

For those who follow my blog (true fans) here's the first and only photo that's getting out....8 weeks out!

Ive been on phase1 of the diet since i arrived back from our honeymoon, the last few days (4days) Neil has added 20mins of cadio in the morning.

Im growing into my diet, and unlike last year were i done a Keto type diet im going back old school and doing what i always have done-
High Protein
Med Carb
No/ very low fats

My weight from the Cruise two weeks ago is around the same if not, im a lb or 2lb heavier that goes to show you, yet my condition is totally different, I'm responding greatly to the new diet change all the macro nutrient's Neil has added in i feel along with Neil (Yoda) that i will be growing all the way up until around 5weeks out from the Atlantic city.

Roll on 8wks time!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


10 weeks out from the Atlantic city- i finally had some time off where i had nothing booked or sponsors had booked me in on, when your used to traveling each weekend i looked for a nice relaxing few weeks then i got thinking........

Bodybuilding is such a selfish sport that it was high time that we went on our long deserved honeymoon, myself and Shina have been blessed to see the world since our wedding but yet call anything a honeymoon...... We have not.

I spoken to Yoda (Neil Hill) he was very happy at where i was at this far out, so i decided to surprise Shina and book a mini 5 day cruise to the Mexican Gulf.

We set sail from the Port of Mobile AL we got there the night before and met up with our Friends and fellow Gaspari Athlete Will and his wife Jen Hamilton

We set sail at 4pm this was our Itinerary
Day One- Fun Day At Sea
Day Two - Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico
Day Three- Fun day At Sea
Day Four- Cozumel, Mexico
Day Five- Mobile, AL

This is what ive longed for a nice relaxing Holiday, it was great Shina banned me from my phone use only to be used morning and before bed, it was hard day one but quite frankly i didn't miss it at all after that as you can see!

The Port of Progreso, Mexico

Eating at one the beach side restaurants-
Nicest Salsa and Chips ive ever eaten, thank Goodness this was my cheat day as i ate about three baskets.

Shina dared me to eat one these Habenero peppers......... No one dare do this!
Shina is half Hispanic and she dare not eat these but here Gran who's full blood Mexican eats these bad boys raw!
This Welsh boys eyes watered for about a hour straight.

The Loch-Welsh Monster!
The girls were amazing the best was i haggled the price down to $10 for a hour massage for TWO PEOPLE!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jr Nationals- Canceled flights but a great ending!

Having supposed to be in Chicago on the Friday- heavy winds and crazy weather forced all flights to be cancelled for the day, i got there around 12pm but friends (Olympus gyms members) had been due to fly out at 9am poor guys n girls had been there since 8am, needless to say there was many disgruntled people, even though i was pissed i was going to miss my boys in the prejudging, as soon as i started to hear storeys- of missing international flights home or honeymoons my little moan was irrelevant.

I got into Chicago and headed straight to the hotel to seek out Neil and the boys, Neil called up Sean and Rich into his hotel room and let me just say photos don't do these guys justice seriously, the natural light made everything stand out, i wish i had a camera in fact we all did, they were sliced and diced, I'm proud to have witness the full transformation as there training partner.
Sean Barber (magnum) 10th Heavy Weight class
Richard Burk (Brick) 3rd Place Light Heavy weight class.
We all went out for Pizza after the show i ate nothing but a lil bread as i hate pizza,
(never have liked it) this wasn't my night and the boys tore that shit up like it was going out of fashion.
Sean ordered this bad boy pizza got to be one the biggest ive ever seen and ate all of 2 slices! LOL

Some Misc photos that fans send to me from the show....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leg Day- Olympus gym 4wks out from Jr Nationals

Todays leg workout-
Leg Extensions- 6sets x 20reps (weight goes up)
Leg Press- 8 Sets x 20reps (plate aside added each time)
Leg Press- one complete set is none stop 10 reps a plate drop each side until 160 reps are done.
Single Leg Press- 3sets 10 reps per leg
Walking Lunges (own body weight) 50 steps 25up and back x 3sets

Training partners-
Sean Barber Owner of Olympus gym
Richard Burk General Manager Olympus gym
Both 5 weeks out from Jr Nationals
Racking up for another crazy drop set

Deep- Knees to the ribs!

Push it out Sean lets go buddy!
Richard Burk- Huge Potential, 25years old.

Sean Barber

Both guys are working with "Yoda" Neil Hill as you can see they both look great and well on track for 5wks out.